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How does one measure an anesthesia group’s value to an organization? To surgeons? To patients? The anesthesia group that lacks the ability to evolve relative to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), quality care innovation, provider delivery dynamics, and personnel management are unsustainable. Why? It’s the “Adapt or Die” mentality. Look no further then industries outside of healthcare to see recent examples. Apple changed the game of purchasing music. Cellular phones killed the need for phone booths. Blockbuster video folded after a more efficient online streaming service was developed; Netflix is now a household name. How and why is this relevant to anesthesia? If failing to adapt is viewed as the dinosaurs Achilles heel then inefficiency can be viewed as an anesthesia groups Achilles heel. Cancellation of cases, delayed room starts, inadequate staffing, and preoperative clearance are all common areas that if not properly addressed by your anesthesia management corporation lead to costly inefficiencies, surgeon and facility dissatisfaction and a reduced patient care experience.

What are the minimum qualifications that an Anesthesia Group should possess?

Is your current or future anesthesia group able to measure quality outcomes? In years past low priority was placed on quality measurements as a way of process improvement. The old mentality of “it’s how we’ve always done it” is outdated and fraught with efficiency, fiscal, and quality pitfalls. An anesthesia group needs to be able to track improvement project measures and operational measures. E.g. turnover time, percent on-time starts, percentage of cancelled cases. The utilization of performance metrics is paramount for sustainability.
A facilities contracted anesthesia group is a direct contributor to efficiency. From the preoperative phase through the perioperative procedure to postoperative recovery it is the responsibility of the anesthesia care team to ensure smooth workflow. Executive Anesthesia Solutions focuses on increase OR utilization, provider (surgeon) and patient satisfaction, and a reduction in faulty processes.
A facility must consider the cost factor of an anesthesia group. What capabilities does an anesthesia group incorporate for cost reduction strategies? Is a subsidy involved? Are anesthesia costs benchmarked against national fair market values? A highly efficient anesthesia group is able to incorporate best practice standards for both clinically and financial wellbeing. Executive Anesthesia Solutions is optimized to deliver the best quality at fair market pricing.
Effective anesthesia leadership has the ability to reap untold benefits for a facility. Executive Anesthesia Solutions (EAS) is committed to maximizing block time utilization and scheduling optimization. Executive Anesthesia leadership can be broken down in to two (2) divisions. (1) Clinical and (2) Operations. Executive Anesthesia Solutions incorporates highly qualified Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) to lead our clinical division. Operationally Executive Anesthesia Solutions retains highly qualified business professionals to manage non-clinical day-to-day operations.
Executive Anesthesia Solutions takes responsibility for the entire perioperative domain by tracking quality measures, implementing cost reduction strategies, increasing efficiency, taking the lead on process improvement initiatives, and maximizing quality.