Executive Anesthesia Solutions, P.A. (EAS) consists of professional anesthesia providers and business entrepreneurs. Our team brings extensive clinical service, healthcare management, and executive leadership experience. EAS represents a shareholder owned group that recognizes the current paradigm that confronts anesthesia delivery at ambulatory surgery centers (ASC’s) and hospitals alike. EAS is unique in that in a dynamic healthcare front it strives to be a progressive, safe, superior provider group that focuses on cost efficient patient care and client satisfaction. We have actively recruited the best and brightest Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) to provide the highest level of clinical care. Whereas, others may demonstrate traditional leadership styles, EAS’ mentality is driven by continual clinical and business process improvement. We focus on being a vested partner in positive patient outcomes, cost containment, client and surgeon satisfaction, student training, and synergistically expanding facility deliverables.

EAS provides the following services:

• Clinical Service Delivery
• Audit/Compliance/Consulting
• Management Science/ Operational Research Integration
• Actuary/ Project Modeling Development
• Staffing

EAS is a shareholder owned group that incentivizes anesthesia providers relative to meeting performance metrics (P4P). The average shareholder’s time working in the healthcare sector is 15+ years. Several have faculty appointments and all have advanced degrees relative to their specialty. EAS’s sister division, Executive Healthcare Solutions (EHS), provides expert business, accounting, financial, and process engineering guidance. EAS provides high quality anesthesia care while improving efficiency and accountability. The majority of anesthesia models are simply broken. Our goal is to fix it. Our performance driven approach aims to better everyone; facility administrators, surgeons, anesthesia providers and patients.

Our driving vision:

• What if EAS could fix today’s broken anesthesia care model?
• What if anesthesia contractors actually took an active role in maximizing clinical and business productivity?
• What if patients, surgeons, providers, and facility administrators were treated more like clients and less like an operational nuisance?

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Jason Trudell
CEO Executive Anesthesia Solutions, P.A.